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I need to miss you....

I used to hate being away from the girls. I just miss them. It is not so much a worry as a desire to be with them. Just not wanting to miss anything...however, as they get older and we spend more and more 24/7 weeks together I find it refreshing to miss them a bit. Even if it just for one night I find that gives me an amazing feeling of being refreshed...ready to tackle the arguments, yelling, cleaning up after, etc. They seem to gain so much from it too. Not only do Nanny & Grampy get quality time and sow some seed into their lives, they get a chance to miss us.

So, I raise my glass to sleepovers...even if it is just for a few hours it makes all the difference to ALL of us!


  1. Oh Jen! I so know what you mean. Just a trip to the grocery store or a date night with Kevin alone does the trick. It is as you said, "refreshing" and I am eager to return home to hug and kiss and cuddle them and also deal with the not so fun moments of motherhood once again ;)


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