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Red Rock Park in Sedona

To beat the heat Labor Day weekend we decided to take a short trip up to beautiful Sedona, AZ with my parents. We wanted to do some hiking and exploring.  My parents are generally not hike in the woods kind of people but we all had a blast.  I am not sure which was funnier, Chiara jumping at every bug or Nanny!?!?!?

I did not have my camera, but glad I could still get some shots with David's. 

Before we started our hike. It was a bit humid but way cooler than Phoenix!

Off on the trail!

Beautiful wild flowers along the trail.

Wild life!  A squirrel.  We do not see those in the desert so it is a big deal for the girls. We also saw deer tracks and a woodpecker.

Stink bug. 

Leah took this picture of the wildflowers.

Emma was awesome in the backpack.  One of the best gifts Julie W. has ever given me!!!

One of the 3 bridges we crossed. 

Nanny and Grampy crossing

Water in AZ!!!  It was really flowing too. A week before the water had knocked out another bridge!

You can see why they call it Red Rock!

Probably the coolest moment....we went to have a picnic lunch and Chiara got up from eating saying a butterfly had landed on her.  It was still there and HUGE!  It did not leave until we shooed it away.  So cool.  

Chiara, Mayah, and Leah completed the work for the Arizona Parks Junior Ranger badge.  Here is Chiara saying the pledge.

Mayah and Leah said it too.

Along the way we took pictures saying Happy Birthday Great Grandma which I sent to David's Grandmother who I believe turned 85 years old this year.  Got to love the ideas you get on Pinterest!
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