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Merry Christmas -part 2

Let the presents begin!!!

The first present of Christmas!  Our girls take turns and open one gift at a time.  

Emma's Minnie Mouse vacuum

I love how they all share in each others excitement of the gifts!  This is Leah getting a My Little Pony gift.

The girls thought it was funny that we rewrapped their American Girls (their Christmas gifts they bought at the AG Store in LA)

What they didn't know was I had been working for weeks sewing them doll dresses and matching skirts for them.  I did it for each girl/doll.

Emma got a life size Minnie!

Leah said she was old enough for an AG doll, but we were not.  She was thrilled with this AG-type doll.  We knew she would love the cowgirl!  She named her Naya (you know, neigh, like the sound a horse makes!)

Minnie was a BIG hit!

BIG hit!

Chiara got Legos...she was thrilled.  They are the Friends ones like the ones she has already.
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