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Hello Mayah!

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet Mayah Rae!  Six.  Wow.  She has taught me so much about being a mom.  Patience.  All children have very different needs. Trust your gut. Listen. Think outside the box. Run. Red #40 is from the devil.  Small does not mean quiet.

Mayah asked for a Hello Kitty party with a few of her close girl friends.  Done. Lots of prep work made for a wonderful little party.  David and I enjoyed it. Mayah did too!

All organic and gluten free.  I made the bow because Red Dye is evil.

Mommy made a Pin the Bow in Hello Kitty.

Craft time! The guests made Hello Kitty gift bags to take home that I later filled with some take home gifts.  It was fun and easy!  Got to love ideas from Pinterest!

My happy birthday girl!  She and her sisters made Hello Kitty faces instead of the bags.

Playing Hot Potato.  It was full of laughs!

Mayah helped spin all the girls, including sister Leah for our second game.

Lunch time!!!  Butterfly sandwiches, carrot sticks,chips, and Capri Suns. 

Mayah and Madeline.  These two have been friends since before they were 2!  

Mayah and Emsleigh.  Such a cutie!

Mayah with our neighbor Cristina.

Mayah and Ranelle. Love those similar smiles!

Mayah with our new neighbor Ava, who has become an instant friend!

The party girls!

One her actual Birth-day we took off school and went to the Phoenix Zoo.  Our dear friends, the May Family, came to play too!  It was a long, but as Mayah said "wonderful!" day!

They all sang Happy Birthday to her after we saw the 3 week old baby zebra.

Fun crew!  Great day!

For dinner Mayah chose Salsa and Peach Chicken for her favorite meal.  We opened presents and then David started carving pumpkins with them.  I think it was a great day!
Happy Birthday to my little peanut!
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