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Disneyland 2012 Part 2, Princesses and Upside down fun

I love going to Disneyland! Just about every person you see is happy-especially my sweet girls! Our first day was originally going to be a stop at CarsLand (in California Adventure side), but Leah (the birthday girl) decided there must be a carousel ride to start her celebration.  Nanny was thrilled!  So, we made our way into DisneyLand and headed to City Hall.

Leah got a phone call from Goofy and her Birthday pin. Little things, big joy.

As soon as we headed out of City Hall we saw him. DONALD.  We had not seen him in either of our prior two trips and the girls were so excited to meet him, get his autograph and picture.  Before leaving Donald, Chiara turned to him and said, "I have been waiting 3 years to meet you!"  Made Donald's day.  He grabbed her and gave her a duck kiss!  CUTE!

This picture just about sums up Emma's feelings towards the characters (except the princesses). It says- I want to see you, but stay back.

We happened to get off the carousel to learn that Rapunzel's line would be opening.  Woo Hoo!  A must see on this trip.  They were hilarious.  Just like you would imagine Rapunzel and Flynn together.

After seeing Rapunzel we let out another surprise within the surprise.  I had packed dress up and crowns from Nanny and we were headed to Ariel's Grotto for lunch!  Emma was already in a mood so we did not change her, but as you will see she went well with Ariel.

We had not dressed up when we came for Mayah's 4th Birthday celebration, so this just added to the fun!

All four. 

Cinderella came by to say hello. I love that Leah wore her crown from Nanny and her crown from the grotto! The entire time!

One of the attendants came by and asked Leah if he could sing her a birthday song.  With a big smile she said yes.  Here is how it went, "This is your birthday song!  It isn't very long!"  Hilarious.

Belle...she was so sweet that she came around later to say hi to Emma.

So sweet.

By the time Aurora came over Emma was out of her seat and being one of the big girls.  


Snow White. 

Since we were outside we could watch Goofy's Fountain Show.  Cool.  There were only a few other groups outside.  My three princesses with some others who came to watch.

After lunch Chiara asked if she could do on "Screaming California".  She was not tall enough for this a couple years ago and could not wait to try it out.  I think she is nuts, but I also love that she and her Dad can do things like this!  Makes it special.  I had not watched this ride before since David went on by himself.  They SHOOT you out from the start!  It is crazy and Chiara LOVED it!!!!  She went on another time immediately after getting off and then again our last day....more about that in Part 4!

Here they are upside down!  

Look at her face!  Total Joy!!!!!

We headed over to CarsLand to hang out for a bit.  The wait for Radiator Springs was long so we decided to do some other rides and wait for the big one the next morning. Here I am with Chiara and Mayah on Mater's Tractor Ride!

Nanny went on with Leah. 

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