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Because I home school I can....

I am sure I could write a laundry list to complete the sentence in my subject.  How I want to complete it today is this ".....see them and treat them as the individuals they are."

Mayah is smart, silly, and excited about learning this year.  I am in awe at her reading ability and how easily the math concepts are being grasped and retained! However, my sweet Mayah has always been easily distracted.  I say she is "distracted by air" and it is the truth.  Chiara could work through a tsunami, always has been able to, so I have had to make adjustments for Mayah. Our school room is not a serene place of learning....there is an excitable 3 year old and a loud, mess-making 16 month old.  Not exactly an easy environment to learn it, and certainly one that is difficult for an individual who is easily distracted. 

I was the kid who had her desk moved away from the big beautiful windows at St. Ann's (2nd Grade) because I would "day dream".  I get it.  I get Mayah.  

So, last week the first thing I did was move the little white table to the corner so Mayah and I  could have table time together.  Close proximity. My voice and hers. Eye to eye.  Hand to hand.  Works well.  However, when I am teaching Chiara and Mayah is doing worksheets it was taking her forever. She tried going to the kitchen table, didn't work.  I came across my Beethoven CD and had a light bulb moment....get the CD player and headphones.  What a difference.  She can get her work done in a fraction of the time.  She stays focused and enjoys the music. Perfect. She might break out in a ballet move or two, because as you can see sitting is not really her style either, but it has made a huge difference. Even my "tsunami" worker listened to it when she could not think of a journal response and was happy that while listening was able to write and write! 

It's not a new thought, but I love that I can try, fail, try something new, and even make changes to it as needed. The beauty and freedom of homeschooling.

The picture of Chiara....well, she was done with her work and being silly.  I love that too. 

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