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Disney- Part 5, Two Surprises in One, Last Day

My parents were headed back to Arizona on Sunday after our last day at Disney. The girls just assumed we were too. Nope. We surprised them with a trip to the beach!  We went to Santa Monica Beach-we could see the pier, but we were not too close to it.  It was a busy beach day!  Gorgeous weather!  One more surprise to come....

David taking his girls down to the water! I know David loves the ocean so much.  He barely came out of the water the entire time! Leah does not remember coming 2 years ago, so for her this was like the first time all over again!  She loved it!  We all did! What made it even cooler was we saw dolphins swimming!!  In plain sight, in and out of the water. A-mazing!!! Who needs Sea World when you can see the wildlife right at the beach?!

Here is the first time Emma's feet touched the Pacific! She was a bit unsure at first...can't blame her it was cold! On a total side note: can't believe she is wearing a 6/9 month bathing suit at 15 months old! Little one.

Leah looked adorable in her sunglasses with her beach crazy hair!  

This was the shot I often got of her at the water.  Every time it came in she ran out!  She loved the game of it.

I did not plan this shot at all.  If there was one more beach bum in it it would surely be framed!

Emma spent a little time with me on the sand.  She is not a big fan of sand on her, so it was funny to watch her play. 

Had my feet in the sand at the Atlantic and the Pacific in the same summer!  Love it!

Chiara absoluelty loved being at the beach...little did she know how the next surprise would top everything!

Look at that face!  Joy.  She asks often when we are going back.  I think next summer we are going to have to!

Mayah made a friend and was digging for sand crabs.  Only Mayah would do something like that. It's one of many many things I love about her!

David took this with his phone...Momma's got a tan and lovin' it! 

Emma got used to the water and I can see will be a little fish like her sisters!

Playing in the sand.

Happy girls!


So, off we went to one of our most favorite bbq places-Baby Blues.  Mmmmm, seriously good food.  Everyone was tired and I was a bit worn out from the trip, but we made it through lunch and back into the car.  Off to LA.  The girls had no idea where we were headed.  Even when we got to The Grove we told them it was Mom and Dad time.  Right.  Well, Mayah saw the American Girl balcony and said something to Chiara.  I had to let the cat out of the bag.  Chiara was in shock!  Love it.

Here are the girls standing in front of the doll of their birth year

Even Leah

Here they are with our personal shopper (totally FREE service) Brittany.  She told Chiara that she could work there because she knew more than her! Yup, that's our girl!

Both the oldest girls were able to pick out the doll they wanted. They knew they were getting one for Christmas, but had no idea they were going to go get her.  Their Daddy even bought and LA shirt for the dolls and let them get their ears pierced since both girls have theirs.

Getting ready to leave.  Behind this picture is the 'book store' portion....Chiara's favorite part!

Here they are with their look-alike dolls.

It was a great trip.  I know we are making good memories for all of us.  We will be back in 2015 when Emma Lynne turns 4!
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