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More of Mayah's Birthday

On October 29, 2006 my life forever changed. Around 9am my sweet Mayah Rae came into this world. She was an easy baby...walking at 9 months old and full on running at 10 months!She has yet to stop.  What better way to celebrate her day than at Phoenix Zoo with some wildlife! You can read more about Mayah's birthday party and zoo time here.


After the fun-filled time at the zoo it was birthday dinner and family presents. 

Leah and Mayah. Two years and 9 days apart.  

Leah and Emma got her a new TinkBelle/Pixie Hollow book.  She is very much our little Tink.

Chiara and Mayah. 19 1/2 months apart. Best Friends.

Chiara reading her thoughtful and loving card.

Daddy and Mayah. Thirty years apart!  Ha Ha Ha!

Mayah has been asking for an umbrella for a long time now.  So happy to grant her wish!!!!  She asked if she can use it when it is sunny since we rarely get rain! Yes.  
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