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DisneyLand -Part 4, Family Pictures, Getting Stuck, and Hoarding Popcorn

Our last day....always bitter sweet. David and I knew we had a couple more surprises for our girls, but for the moment we were going to enjoy this last day of Disney-sized fun!

Finally a family picture!  Here we are at the beginning of Cars Land.  We had to have this shot! We had known about this area being built the first time we came and it was so cool to experience it!

So, Chiara begged to go on Screaming CA roller coaster one more parents and I took the other three on the Ariel ride (Leah and Emma's favorite!)  for the 5th time...I think that is right, but my mom went on the most of any the adults! Such a good Nanny! We waited and had a snack since our ride was short.  Then I got a text from David, " Ride has stopped" Huh?

See the blue coaster car?  That is where they were.  They could not get the ride started so everyone had to get out. Chiara said she was not scared....ummmm, her mother was and I was not even up there!  They were not the highest group, but they were high.  

Another shot.  Chiara was not upset about any of this, however she was upset that it stopped right before it was to take their picture.  They were in the front seats of the first car.  Next time....we did get two fast passes out of it.  We used one to get SOAKED on the Grissly Bear Run and one we blessed a family of 6 with! Awesome.

One more time on King Triton's Carousel. her face here!

Emma does not want off...she is reaching for Nanny who was not on with her this ride. I had to move back just to get a shot of her face.  Girl loves her Nanny.

Cute couple. Married 35 years.  David and I are happy to share these memories with them.  My mom really loves Disney and doing all this with the girls.  I know we wear them out too, but you wouldn't know it!

We stayed late to see the new fireworks show.  Here we are meeting Suzy and Pearla from Cinderella!   As I type this Emma is on my lap and waving at the screen.  Hilariously cute.

Love DisneyLand at night


Chip and Dale

Ahhhh, the popcorn.  Nanny was so generous that she bought the 3 older girls some popcorn before the fireworks.  Emma saw this and expressed her dislike for being excluded.  Now, she had only had a little popcorn once before, so I am pretty sure she was wanting to be like the big girls.  Oh yes, a defining trip for this little one.
What is this picture saying?  Get the hell away from my popcorn!  I know, Emma really should watch her language.  She was as territorial as I have ever seen a toddler.  Don't look at it. Don't talk about it. And don't try to sneak a piece.  (I did and I thought she was going to kill me with her laser eyes!)

Oh sure, look all cute thought I would just post these and say you are a little angel Emma Lynne.  Think again number four.

Here are some pictures my mom captured that are certainly worth sharing!

Grampy and Emma having some down time at the hotel. 

Family picture with the Mickey Pumpkin!

This is another from the popcorn hoarding....hilarious face!

Coming up....Two Surprises in One Day!
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