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Leah's Birthday Photo Shoot with Mommy

This is my second year taking Mayah and Leah's birthday photos. If you did not see Mayah's you can check them out here

Leah's pictures were a lot easier to take this running around a lake trying to get what I could since she would not stop for me! We used the common area in my parents neighborhood for both shoots. I have always wanted to take some pictures there to see how they would come out. 

Leah had a lot of serious faces and a LOT of silly faces.

Not sure where she is looking, but I like this one.  It is edited for color.

Cute smile! Just a vignette added to this one.

I am going to miss those chubby cheeks.  Her sisters lost that baby face at age 4 and I am sure Leah will too.  This was was edited-a color boost.

This smirk kept showing up. 

Such a pretty girl and getting so big! 
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