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DisneyLand - Part 3, Cars, Meeting Peter Pan, and Scaring Nanny

Our second day at DisneyLand we made a b-line for CarsLand! The line was long, but it was certainly worth the wait! Mayah was a bit scared of the 'race' portion, but enjoyed it otherwise. 

Here are the 2 oldest waiting in line for Radiator Springs. The line had some cool things to look at and get you ready to hit Route 66!

My Dad, Chiara, and I - front
Annoying guy videoing his family in the car next to us, David, and Mayah - back

We had not seen this sign since we went to CarsLand first thing, but when David, my Dad, and Chiara were on Tower of Terror and Mom and Mayah were on Soaring Over CA, the little ones and I heard an announcement!  I waited in the blazing sun for a while.....but it was WORTH IT!

Got lots of shots, but this was one of the better ones to see the Endeavor.  Such an awesome American moment that I am so happy all my girls were part of!

We went over to Disneyland and met up with Minnie.

Leah requested Dumbo. I sat with Mayah. Most boring Dumbo flight ever.  We learned this trip that Mayah is afraid of heights.  I think Mayah learned it too.  We stayed low, not so bad on Dumbo, but wait until you see what happens when you stay low on the rocket ships!

Poor Emma....we wore this kid OUT!  It was hot and she was tired.  Love that lower lip.

Mickey.  Emma was excited to see him, but kept her distance.

After leaving Toon Town we saw they were sectioning off for a parade.  We had not seen this one and wanted to get shade and a good view.  We asked a cast member where a good place to sit would be and to our surprise she blessed us with VIP seating tickets!  WOW!  We were able to go right to the roped off section at the beginning of the parade.  Awesome.  We met Sarah (above). She chatted it up with the girls....lots of talk of Peter Pan...hmmmmmm

Leah was hot and her legs were tired.  Nothing Nanny's snack mix can't fix!

This was Emma the ENTIRE parade!!!!  It was so cute.  

When the cast from Peter Pan came out Sarah came back over to Leah.  I must have snapped 20-30 pictures....

Peter Pan came over to Leah!!!!  He was pointing to Tinkerbelle and talking to Leah....

Here he is yelling to Tink to say hi to Leah because it is her birthday!!!  Tears of joy streaming down my face as I snap these pictures!  What a special moment to make her birthday extra special!

And of course...Tink waved back!!!

Then Sarah took us all over to the Peter Pan ride and we got right on!!! Blessings and joy. 

Like I said, on Dumbo low is not so bad, however the rocket ships tilt out if you stay low and the higher you are the less you feel that.  Well, Mayah stayed LOW.  Nanny's face on this is worth the entire trip for me.  Hilarious!

Our first trip David was on this with our, then, four year old Chiara.  Here he is with soon to be 4, Leah.  Love it.  She loved the ride and I think David enjoys it too!

One more day at Disney to come!
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