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Emma Lynne at 16 Months Old

October 3rd Emma turned 16 months old.  Seems odd to think she is one about to embark on being one and a half!  If you have had a child this age you know there is a huge difference.  

She desperately wants words....I want them for her too! She is so frustrated at me (and everyone else) not understanding what she wants.  I can tell, because when I do guess right you can see the joy and relief in her face.  She did say something that sounded like Nanny and Leah this week. Progress.

She is "running", which is really a word for walking really fast on her short little legs. She gives "love" which are the sweetest hugs you will ever receive.  She waves at everyone now. She loves Mickey Mouse and her baby doll.  Leah is her buddy. So great to see that relationship growing! She wants to do everything her sisters do. Hmmmm, except go to bed without a fight. 

She pants like a dog for just about every animal she sees....can't wait to take her to the zoo soon!  She gets excited every time she hears a dog bark. 

I watched her go down the slide all by herself at the park. She loves to laugh when her sisters are laughing and dance when they dance. 

Trying to soak in every moment.

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