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Finishing Felicity

Part of Chiara's curriculum this year was using the American Girl series Felicity.  Felicity takes us back to Williamsburg in 1774.  Chiara read a chapter a day, which ends up being a book a week.  She had vocabulary for each chapter, questions, activities, and more. She worked harder than she has ever had to. I am very proud of her.

It was really fun to watch the movie, given to us by my soon to be sister in law's daughter.  I loved how Chiara was able to dissect the film along with me. A developing movie critic! For now we will use her regular (BJU) curriculum for reading and history, but I am hoping to get back to American Girl with Addey for the Civil War!

For each book Chiara had to be Felicity and write in her journal. It was a good way for her think about the main part of the book and respond as the main character would. Here she is using tea, which holds great significance to the Revolutionary War, to dye the journal. 

It was creating a neat effect in the end. It is only partially done here.

With each book there were newspaper articles to write. For the final project she made the newspaper.  To make the paper seem old it was torn and she took it outside to rub it in the dirt. She named it The Williamsburg News

Here are all the articles and one comic she made

We made our first lapbook during this unit.  It really is a neat way to organize and display work.

This was fun, educational, and I love that because we home school we can use alternatives to learning. This was also a learning experience for me.  I needed to set time to read each book, know the vocabulary, and keep an open dialogue about events in the book and how it related to the Revolutionary War. I love history and I can see by using things like this Chiara is loving learning it too!
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