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DisneyLand-Part 1, The Road Trip Out

Surprising our girls takes a lot of work! Lots of sneaking around, working on things after they are in bed, and tons of whisper conversations. It is all worth it though to see the JOY on their faces and as Chiara says "Happy Tears"!It was a Wednesday morning and they thought Daddy was home to head off to the Chandler Train park to have some 'family time'.  When they got in the car, we had all packed, they each had Mickey Mouse ears on the seats (one's my parents got in 2008) and it took milliseconds for Chiara to figure it out!  I got it on video and will cherish the moment!  This trip was to celebrate Leah turning 4.  Her actual birthday is in November, but it is cheaper and warmer to go in September. (We learned that it is not always cooler though!)

We had a few more tricks up our sleeves, but nothing was to be revealed until it was time.  

We headed to Nanny and Grampy's house (of course that was Leah's first question-she wanted them with us!).  After a stop there we all headed to California!  Crossing the state line is exciting for the girls.  David did the countdown from three and even something little like that he made big.  Love it.

Our first surprise within the surprise was stopping in Cabazon at the World's Biggest Dinosaurs.  It was recommended by a friend and I am so glad we went. Mayah and Leah both like Dinosaurs-Leah is really into them right now.  There are huge dino's and moving one's too.  I love that it was all Creation-based information.  A little hidden gem and a great way to break up our road trip.


Digging for rocks to get a dino prize.

My Mom, me, and my Dad! I am so glad they come on this trip with us each time. 

Emma and Nanny panning for gems and fossils.

Roar! I'm a Dinosaur!

This was the T-Rex that we climbed up!!!!  To the teeth!!

All 4 girls got in

It was a nice view and just about the only breeze.

Our sweet Leah got a bit dehydrated (I think it was 104* or higher) and sick when we were done.  Poor girl.  Once we got her hydrated and asleep in the car we were on our way to Anaheim......
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