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The other side of Craigslist

We sold a ton of things via Craigslist when we knew we were purchasing this home. Some were because we knew the item would not fit but most because we really did not have a need for it.
The only items that invoked an emotional response were the baby items and the living room tables. Neither made me cry but it was a clear moment if change of seasons. The baby stuff is more obvious but David and I had picked those tables for his house in michigan about 14 years ago. I was happy to see them go because I am done with kid fingerprinted glass, but it was a realization of how time flies!
Anyway I went on Craigslist to find a nook table so the girls did not have to keep eating in the dining room. 
I wanted a round top, preferably white, NO glass, and cheap! Found it!!! It eill certainly suit our needs for sometime!!!

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