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Two Peas in A Pod

The reality of a home schooling family is that your kids are around each other A LOT! Sure, they each have some separate play dates and Chiara has two activities in the evening that Mayah is not involved in (this year), but for the most part the two big girls are always together. So, one would think that when they have an opportunity to be apart they would JUMP at so.

Yesterday, Mayah was headed over her friend Madeline's house and Chiara asked if she could go. Of course my friend said yes and then it happened....Mayah jumped up and down excited that Chiara was going to be there. Awesome.

Of course I pray about the relationships between all of my daughters, but I am still taken back at the love they have for one another. It really is unconditional at this age, because they have no idea about holding expectations over someone. It really is beautiful.

Though I do believe it is important for each of them to have time apart-there is value in missing one another and having something that is all your own-I call myself blessed to have had my children so close in age that they desire to be with one another.

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  1. That's awesome! I hope Mairead & Lilah will be like this when they get a little older. Right now, they share a lot of the same friends, so they all tend to play together. I love watching the two of them interact - that's what I am doing now. It's amazing...I can't wait for clara to join in!


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