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Big Girls Don't Cry

David left this afternoon for another week long business trip. One would think we would be used to this by now, but none of us are. This time may have been a bit harder too because we are all still a bit under the weather and it is his birthday today (happy 35th baby!).
Chiara is the crier. She lets her tears flow freely on the day he leaves, though not much while he is gone. Like her mother, she gets into 'go mode'-just stay busy, get things done, and time will pass. She enjoys having his shirt to cuddle with at night.
Mayah does not cry when he leaves, but the tears flow almost nightly for him. It is a beautiful reminder that the girls have a father who is very present and involved in everything. Knowing that her Daddy was leaving Mayah got very cuddly these past few days. This morning she came into our room and snuggled with him in bed. Warms my heart. She too will have his shirt at night and moments during each day where sadness comes.
Leah gives her Daddy hugs and kisses and says goodbye, but has no concept of the length of time he is gone-well, that is until he returns. She does not ask for him, though a bit confused by mid week. When he gets home she usually gives him the cold shoulder and wants Mommy for everything.
Then there is Mommy....I am not allowed to cry-well, yes of course I am, but I choose not to. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes this time, but I know if I cry then all 3 will lose it and I am left to deal with the unstable emotions of young girls. No fun and not fair to David either. I am beyond grateful for his job and I can handle the stress of him being gone, but I do love that man. I miss him when we are apart. I guess it says something about us-I really believe God had more reasons than we knew for us starting our relationship in long distance. I will not lie and say it is easy to do with three young children and pregnant, but as my dear friend Melissa would say to me (her husband is in the military and been deployed), " you just do it."
So, no tears shed from this big girl today....though I could have wept like a little girl. I will be highly anticipating every call and his return on Friday night (late).


  1. You are an amazing woman, wife and mother. A little something to hear during those times apart. Love you, girl.

  2. Oh, thank you my dear friend!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how much YOU help in these times!!!


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