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Jennifer's Get Away (Part 3)

Maine. Fresh air. The ocean. Ahhhhh......

I spent some time with my friend Stephanie who I have not actually seen since graduating high school together. She is probably the only good thing I can say happened being on Facebook.  We both have four kids who are similar in age and we have the great blessing of being home with them.  Over the past couple years we have become close and I did not want to visit the east coast without making some time for her!

She met me in Portsmouth, NH with her crew....more yummy pizza!  We went back to their house for some playtime and to wait for the babysitter to arrive!!  We had wine on the beach and went to The Lobster Co. for lobster roll EVER and steamers.........JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day we packed up the kiddos for some beach fun.  A couple hours of sand in my toes and the sky told us it was time to head home.  I have to say that being around her kids made me start to miss mine.  I knew I was ready to head home soon.  I am very glad that Steph and I had some face time together and can't wait to do it again!

Her girls playing in the backyard

This is her face here!

Steph and Clara at the beautiful new garden!  

Ocean.  Happy Jennifer.

Feet on the beach....

JAM!  Best Cab ever!  We enjoyed ever last sip!

Me and Steph....her girls said we looked alike.  Maybe in height and hair!

Yes, that is my feet in the water.  It was surprisingly warm and I loved it!!!!!!  yes, I am drinking wine from a RED SOLO CUP (insert song!).

Kids playing at the beach

One last time.  Ahhhhh.....

Heading back to end where it all began....
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