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A Weekend of Christmas Fun, Part 1

Casa Grande puts on a yearly light parade that I am convinced the entire city comes out for. It really is a fun time and we enjoy cheering for all the floats and it makes for a great start to the Christmas season.

We pack sandwiches for dinner because we need to get out there plenty early if we want a good spot.
Here we all are eating and waiting for the sun to set. I just love that the grandparents and great grandparents come down for this. These are memories that my children will cherish-I know I do!

After the parade we all come back to the house so everyone can use the potty before heading home. The girls got in their new Christmas PJ's we bought them. The 2 big girls decided to tackle Nanny-who is fairly helpless! My girls just exude joy when they are around their grandparents and great's this time of the year that I am beyond grateful that they all live out here!

Another night David took the 2 big girls on a first of many walks around the neighborhood to see the lights on the houses. The girls love this! They also love any excuse to wear the winter jackets Nanny has bought them....they have no idea what 'real' cold is! I love when they come back and tell me about their favorite decorations. I take them on car rides around town and I am sure I will be joining them all for a walk soon.
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  1. Love it! What fun memories they will have of Christmas at home.


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