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Happy 100th Birthday Arizona!

Valentines Day is also the state of Arizona's birthday. This year is the centennial celebration....100 years old! So, I planned a couple '100' activities to commemorate the day.

First the girls had to count out 100 stickers to decorate their 100 Birthday papers. Leah participated, but didn't quite make it to 100.

I could not help but chuckle at this....Mayah did hers exactly how I pictured it. Just stickers all over. Chiara, is so much like her dad! Nice and orderly rows of stickers. Of course, Chiara's was easier to count. I love how even in little things like this their personalities shine through.

The next activity was counting 100 animal crackers together. The girls each counted groups of ten.

Leah did a great job at this! She can count to ten really well.

I love doing things like this and seeing learning take place and they have no idea!

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