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I don't care if you do not like my word...

Suck. Yes, that is the word I use for David leaving to Alaska for the 3rd time since January 3rd. Suck. Yes, the word for my thoughts about him having to meet with Japan every day, some weekend nights and missing family dinner. Suck. Many people do not like my word. Oh well, too bad. My word describes how things are perfectly.

As I write this my gorgeous husband is on a plane back to Fairbanks (I got it right this time babe!) for 10 days. Ten. Days. Suck. It's not that I will just miss his help-heck, I could hire someone for that! It's that I miss him.

The beginning of our love story started this way. Apart. Me in Vermont and him in Michigan. Missing one another like CRAZY!!! I am been thinking about it a lot lately....14 years ago February I was counting the days until I saw him again. I had to wait 6 weeks back then. When you are 18 and in love it is tough...6 weeks of torture it was! Here I am 14 years later hoping to make it through 10 days without him! HA!

I can't help but wonder if all the time spent apart that first year and a half of our relationship was the Lord's way of preparing us to do it as much as we have since we were married. It has gotten a bit more challenging with each daughter we have had, but David and I know how to function apart. A strange thing to be good at, but we are. I just wish I was not getting so much practice at it lately.

We will not be together this Valentines Day. Yes, for most people it is just a card and flowers holiday. For David and I it is more. It is a perfect piece in our beautiful love story. It will be hard to be apart, but like 14 years ago the reunion will be bliss!

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