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Valentines Day 2012

This year's Valentines Day was a bit different. It was still full of love, pink, hearts, red, and roses, but the man of the house was not here. He really brings this day alive for us all. We are so loved. To others it is just a "card holiday", but to us it is so much more.....

Fourteen years ago, David and I had not seen one another since New Years. Six weeks apart. Torture for 2 people who just fell in love and decided to start a long distance relationship. I can still remember when we were "chatting" online and he wrote that he would come to Vermont to see me. JOY! I had a date I could set my eyes on. He had a trip to Arizona for work and to Mardi Gras with friends and he planned a stop in Burlington to start it all off. Love.
We went to see Titanic again, we kissed....A LOT, we talked (without being on the phone!), and skipped a nice Valentines dinner to just have a few more moments of alone time. Yes, valentines day is so much more than getting a nice card.

Before he left he bought cards for all his sweet!!!!!!

Leah loved the mirror in her card!

Nanny and Grampy sent cute headbands!

Traditional cinnamon buns for breakfast!

For 14 years David has bought me lavender roses and now he sends the girls each a red rose. Love.

I made the girls a heart shaped lunch....

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