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Going Hog Wild

This weekend our city hosted Arizona HogFest to benefit Operation Wounded Warrior. Nothing like watching hundreds of Harley's rolling into town! You could feel the ground vibrating up your legs. David rides, a sportbike, but this was something he wanted to see. So, off we went!

It was cool that all the people in the businesses along the street came out to see them ride in.

Leah thought it was a bit loud, but she loves motorcycles.

Of course we wanted to do something fun for the girls for coming.....there was a princess bouncer, but it was $2 for only 10 minutes of jumping. Riiiiiight. David and I could just see telling Leah to get out after only 10 minutes. Well, plan B- ice cream! Emma's face here is worries, she got a little bit too.

I could snap pictures of this guy ALL DAY! I love that he is such a "man's-man"-rides motorcyles, owns guns, and has great big muscles- and is sensitive and SUPER loving to ALL us girls!

We took a brief stop in front of the municipal building.....I love taking pics of these girls!

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