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Just another reason I love home schooling

When people ask me why I home school I never know how to answer. Do you want the short version or the long version? There really are so very many reasons why we started and even more why we continue.

Here is another one to add to the growing list. Taking a break and heading outside to enjoy the sunshine, get some exercise, and just be out of the house. Awesome. Our great neighbors across the street (who are fellow home schoolers) came out and took a break with us. Even more awesome. A break. Exercise. Some cute pics. Adult conversation. Awesome.

Emma just chillin and watching her crazy scooter riding sisters

Mayah getting a "big girl" privilege of going across the street

Leah was given this 3 wheel scooter from my dear friend Julie and her kids because they had outgrown it. Leah was in heaven!

And of course there is my big girl...she has certainly earned this break!

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