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Emma is 8 months can that be?

It does not seem possible. In fact it seems unreal that eight months has gone by since Emma Lynne came into this world and this family. I can close my eyes and see myself with her in the hospital. I look at her and wonder how she got so big...well, ok, big for her since she is not big at all. I love her. I truly, deeply, madly love her. One of the things I love is that every time I look at this baby face I see more than just her. She is Chiara, Mayah, and Leah too. She captures their features and reminds of each of them. What a blessing that is.

At eight months old she is not afraid to use her voice. She has learned in this house you need to be loud to be heard above the voices of three older sisters. She has an amazing appetite for food and still loves to nurse. She scoots around on her bottom and is just about ready to crawl. We are all putting bets if she will follow in her other petite sister Mayah's steps and be running by ten months old. She laughs and smiles so much- a far distance from the miserable four month old I remember. She adores her sisters and still seems to prefer hanging with Mayah. Yes, she is still a Mommy's Girl, but I am NOT complaining....though other's seem to have quite the opinion on this. She is head over heels for her Daddy, which warms my heart and his. Still no teeth, but that is normal for a D'Amato girl. I look forward to taking her to the pediatrician next month to see how she is growing. If she is anything like Mayah Rae she will be walking into that appointment!

I am still learning how to use my camera and though the subject is gorgeous I am not thrilled with the pictures I took. I had to do more editing than I would like. Indoor pictures are just tough for me.

Such a smirk

Oh, she knows her name...."Emma!" and this is what I got!

Something fun to play with

Some fun editing

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