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A well overdue family day of FUN!

The new reality of David's job sucks. Yes, I said sucks. It's not a pretty word, but what our lives have been like since January 4th has not been pretty either. Travel for work had David in Fairbanks, Alaska for most of January (and he is returning in February for 10 days!!!) and when he was in Arizona he had late night meetings every night (and some weekend nights) with Japan. Crazy. Suck.

I would not care if I had that husband who does nothing and is not involved. I am BEYOND blessed to have a man who chooses each day to be involved with everything from diaper changes, to baths, to bedtime routine, to reading stories. He is very helpful so it is greatly noticed when he is not here...or here, but at work really late. His travels took him away on MLK Day this year- a paid holiday for Nissan (yes, I am aware that it is a strange holiday for a Japanese company). The girls and I had really been looking forward to "daddy time" that day. Instead we drove him to the airport and said goodbye. Suck.

Last Friday David requested the day off-his MLK Day-and we planned a trip up north to Flagstaff to play in the snow. Well, by the time Friday came around the snow had yet again melted. Plan B. David took the girls to Chick-fil-A for breakfast then off we went....they guessed and guessed where we were going, but nothing but smiles from us. My parents used to do this to me and my siblings ALL the time and it drove me nuts as a kid, but looking back I loved it!!!! We stopped at IHOP for lunch. Yes, IHOP. Not classy-or really that good for that matter, but it is all Mayah has been talking about! She loves it! If something that simple can make your kids soar, then why not?!?! All 3 ate a plate size pancake each. Back in the car. Mayah had guessed Reid Park Zoo. Our girls are so observant!!! We had another trick up our sleeves. They kept asking about the mysterious luggage...of course I explained to them that we just could not manage 4 kids anymore and one of them had to go! "Ha Ha Mom!"

Checking out the tiger-who ended up licking himself right after this's a male. Lovely.

The peacocks were all over the place today!

We watched this tortoise take an exhausting walk across the mud, onto his friend, and eventually plopping down here.

Daddy came prepared with change to feed the ducks! You rock David!!!

Mayah was throwing one piece at a time.....hilarious!

Check out Emma's face in these pics. Why is she confused you ask??? Because Daddy is taking pictures!!!! hahahaha!

Love this girl!

There were several females around so the peacocks were giving quite the show!

I love how close we are to the animals at this zoo!

My favorite view...... ;)

I had to put this picture here, because Chiara strategically placed herself here to see the otters. Not because it was a better view, but because she wanted to scope out the girls American Doll! (yes, I think this Christmas will BE the Christmas!)

Emma loves the fish!

Here is the surprise....there is a pool next to the zoo. A heated outdoor pool!!!!! We got the girls changed and let them swim! They loved it. They thanked their Dad in the water and Leah thanked me several times at home. I love doing things like this for them.

Yes, we wore them out! We headed home, ordered from our favorite organic pizza place, Picazzo's, on the way home, picked it up and sat around talking about our day at the table. We ended the day watching Ice Age (Mayah's pick) and tucked 4 happy and tired girls into bed!

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  1. This rocks! Oh, the memories you made for these precious girls!


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