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Superbowl 2012

The youngest D'Amato cheerleader all ready before the game started. Such a cutie this one! I can remember opening up this adorable gift from my Aunt Allison and Uncle Joe when I was pregnant with Chiara.

Well, the game did not go the way we wanted it to over here, but we still had a fantastic time! Great food and great company. I am so glad my parents are here for things like this. I love watching football with my Dad. He taught me how to be a real fan-even when your team sucks-and how to easily transition to the next sport.....Go SOX!

Emma was content to eat the football

A couple weeks before the superbowl Chiara made this sign. We hung it up above the tv for the game. She was really excited about it. She even seemed genuinely sad when the Patriots lost. Wait until he finds out she is born a Cardinals fan....she may cry!

We have a traditional menu every year that consists of tacos (the Day family tradition I remember), pigs in a blanket, and Mom's/nanny's buffalo chicken dip. Chiara and Leah helped roll the piggies up.

Leah loved it. She has really been in the kitchen lately. Wants to help make any and everything.

My football field "taco toppings" from Pinterest.

Ronan Hutchins and Emma hanging out. I love that he turns and smiles for photos....

Madonna had nothing on our halftime show! Leah really is head over heels in love with her Nanny!

I love Mayah's face in this.....such fun! I am pretty sure my dad got the easier one in this situation. Nanny may be sore!

Love. I love this man. I love that he loves the Patriots as much as I do. I love that he is a wonderful father to 4 girls. Love.

Emma's face of confusion again....why is Daddy holding the camera? That's Mom's job!

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