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Family Farm Day

There are so many reasons to love home schooling. I could write a new blog post daily just highlighting the reasons. This one is about the great people we get to meet and how they so openly share their gifts and talents with us. Our friends The Williams Family live off the land. Pam is an expert gardener and if that is not cool enough they have goats, chickens, and even a llama(not wearing red pajamas)!

Saturday our home school group had a field trip to check out their property and all they do. Their were baby goats, milking of mama goats, kissing of goats (LEAH!!!), and feeding the llama. I heard there was a cool wagon ride too, but I had to take Emma Lynne home for a nap.

Here are the girls checking out the goats...before they left with David another mama goat had her water break and not too long after another kid was born! They missed the birth, but were so excited about it!

Pam's son, Richard, helped all the kids who wanted to milk. I am so proud of Chiara for trying this!

The Mama was a bit nervous with everyone around so Chiara gave it a few tries. As a nursing mom I can totally understand not wanting an audience!

Mayah making friends with the llama.

Pam holding one of the babies born the night before. This one was not nursing yet.

Leah kissed EVERY goat! Yes, EVERY goat! Not sure why, but it was so cute!

One of the babies using those brand new legs!!!

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