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David's (aka Daddy) Birthday

David turned 36 this year....and Chiara made sure to write it on everything so he did not forget! Hilarious! It's a good thing he has such a great sense of humor and LOVES his girls. It was a fairly low-key birthday for him. The girls made him a place mat and a crown, along with some cute cards. I also made David a gift this was all the reasons I love him. I came up with 241. I wanted 365, but 241 was all I could come up with. I would challenge any spouse to it....I loved thinking up each reason! For his birthday dinner David wanted Italian (he had been eating out so much in Alaska he was thrilled for home cooking!). I made homemade sauce, meatballs (Chiara did the hand mixing of the meat!), the girls had long spaghetti and I made David and I sauteed shredded zucchini.

I love this guy.....he is such a great sport and makes us smile!

The place mat-Chiara's cursive is beautiful!

David did not want any sweets for dessert so the girls and I made almond muffins so he could blow out a candle.We all enjoyed some together.

Happy Birthday are SO loved!

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