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Mom, Can Emma sit on my lap?

Chiara asked if Emma could sit with her. Lately I have not let the girls do this because Emma is quite squirmy and moves around everywhere these days. Last night it was just Emma, Chiara, and I because the other 2 were sleeping. I gave it a shot.

To our surprise Emma was as happy as a clam in her sisters lap. She just played with her toy, talked, and smiled. I had a moment. My oldest and youngest. Chiara is going to be 7 next month-it does not seem possible. It also does not seem possible that Emma is already 8.5 months old. Geesh.

I love that my girls love one another so much. Emma lights up with all her sisters and Chiara is the most motherly of all of them. I am witness to great relationships being created and taking opportunities to help foster these relationships. I think too many parents take for granted that their children will be friends when they are adults. It is not the case. Just like any other relationship, these siblings need to build their friendship over time.

I am thrilled that I am home and able to watch these relationships grow.
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