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Me, My Girls, and a Road Trip- Part 2

Friday was great, as you can see here, but we were ready for some FAMILY TIME!

On Saturday David and I took the girls to the beach. It was so great to finally have some time with Daddy. I say that my girls have some "east coast" blood running through them because they are totally beach kids!!!  We decided after watching them at the beach last year we really wanted to make sure their toes touched the sand every year.  

We spent the day in the sun, in the water, and covered in sand! 

Leah was hesitant at first to go in the water, but once she did she loved it! 

This was as close as Emma wanted to the water...she was not  a fan this year.
That's OK, she LOVED playing in the sand- as long as she did not have to sit in it! 

Mayah was bummed not to find sand crabs this year, but we went to a smaller beach.  
She had fun regardless!

Chiara was in heaven!!!  She loved every single moment.  The smile on her face was awesome!

Emma loving the sand....sitting on a towel!

Happy girl!!!

Mayah was adventurous!  

Leahs' goal was to make a sand castle.  She did.  She was happy.

My view for the day!

Mayah, David, and Chiara...not that you can see Mayah! 

This is where David spent his day!  

And then they wondered why they had sand in every crevice of their body! 

I have this huge photo of my girls from last year's beach trip, but Emma was not in it so I "photoshopped" her in.  This year we had to stage the photo (sad face), but we were hoping to get a new photo with Emma in it.  I will still play with the two photos, but I am hoping one will be on the wall by Christmas!

Seriously, the girls wondered why they still had sand in their hair a week later!  Such good memories being made here.

Of course we had to say good-bye to Daddy on Sunday and head back to Arizona.  It was a hard goodbye.  It was a long drive back, though we were very grateful to stop at Nanny and Grampy's for a three hour break!!!  On our way we stopped again to see the dinosaurs.....this time no torrential downpour stopping us. 

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