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Arizona Game and Fish Expo

For the second year in a row David and I took the girls to this great outdoor expo. The girls love the hands on stuff they get to experience and we love teaching them about nature and developing a love for being active.

This year it was awesome to see Leah get into what we were doing. She wanted to touch every snake and lizard she could....even the PYTHON! No fear! Oh, to be young!!! Her big sisters were not as eager, but Mayah does still love seeing the snakes and lizards too.

If you ask Leah she was touching a Kimono Dragon, but it was just a really large lizard.

All of the girls said hi to the tortoise.

Smokey the Bear was taking pictures so we stood in line to say hi. Leah is missing from the picture...apparently she is ok going to pet the head of the HUGE python, but draws the line at a oddly shaped bear.

We went over to the mounted shooting show/competition again. All three girls LOVE horses. Leah was not a fan of the gun noise, but it was cute to here her call every horse "Maximus" (from Rapunzel).

Emma getting a good view of all the action.

Chiara and David did the little off road course that Jeep had. I have seen David do stuff way harder than this, but Chiara thought it was so cool.

Chiara was able to check out and sit on this historic covered wagon. She is reading a novel for school about a family who moved from New Hampshire to the Nebraska territory in a wagon just like this. I love that she is now able to better experience the journey they were on.
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And of course, we wore Emma Lynne out! She would have much rather been in her bed, but finally fell asleep with me.

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