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My Favorite Window in My House

My favorite window in my house is not the biggest window or the one with that lets in the best light. It is the window with the best view though.....

From this window I can wash the dinner pots and pans, tidy up, and enjoy watching the play of my sweet girls. I love this window....

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  1. We have a kitchen window like that. I love it! I love watching the girls run and play together. It is even fun to watch our dogs play together, too. Days like today, it's depressing to look out the window. We've had SO much rain, our backyard is underwater. It had just dried out from the last rain storm, now, it's sopping again.


  2. We bought our house based on whether or not the kitchen had a window above the sink And facing the backyard so I could watch the kiddos. It's my favorite too ;)


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