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My Kind of Sunday (Garden Pics too!)

What a great day!!!! Church has started the Easter Trilogy. It is probably my favorite time of the year. Yes, like most people I love Christmas, but it is Easter that we really CELEBRATE! Jesus coming is wonderful, but that he would die for me...that is amazing.

After a wonderful service and lunch David and Mayah had some cuddle time on the couch. I think he fell asleep, but not her. Just too cute to pass up the photo-op!

While they rested and Leah napped Chiara and I did some front yard work. I am excited to work on it more this week...I will post more about it then! I went on a three mile walk with Julie tonight. We opted for that instead of a crossfit WOD. It was a great walk. Came home and made a simple dinner.....Chiara loves 4 step chicken and I tried it with NO FLOUR tonight, but used almond "flour" instead. Sweet!

I went out to water the garden and was SOOOO excited to see our first sings of VEGGIES!!!! We were all so excited. I never thought I would take pictures of my own!

What a way to end the evening.....David bought a fire pit. We have a hole in our second patio that we intended to build a barbeque on, but the cost is too much and we really do not have the time. We hate having this splinter filled board covering this big hole, but it was best to keep kids from getting hurt. Now the hole is covered with a beautiful fire pit. The picture below was taken after David went over fire safety rules with the girls. Wait until we surprise them with making Smores some night!!! I think I am going to have to run that 3 miles to have that to eat!!!
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