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My Sweet Chiara Turns 5

Your first child gives you so many of your firsts....she made me a Mommy. I can't see those words without smiling. I have a hard time with the reality that five years have flown by. I look at my front door and see myself walking through with her in my arms. I can remember our laid back days and watching her sleep in her swing. I remember the first time we left her with my mother to go on a date and even though she was over one year old and with someone I completely trust I had a hard time letting go and being away from her. She was an "only" for only 19 months of her life, but in no way has that negatively impacted her. She is my helper, brilliant beyond her years, thoughtful, kind, loves her sisters, motherly, silly, and full of never ending rhythm!

Here I am ready to deliver.....not ready for the c-section that came, but all that is a very distant memory. I felt her come out and that is all that matters to me now.

She slept on me so often. I was head over heels in love. I have so many pictures of her sleeping on David too. Many memories of her naps being with one of us. I used to think it was a bad thing and now I am so glad we did it!

Here is my little princess sleeping in my bassinet. I was only able to use it for Chiara, but I am so happy that I had it.

Here we are at her first birthday party!!!! Can't believe I was pregnant already in this photo! HA! One year went fast.....was that really all that long ago? The cake was a number one (all the girls get a number one).

Her second birthday...gosh I loved that Elmo cake! As you can see this was before we knew about the evils of red dye. She was two and adjusting to her new baby sister Mayah. Life was full and fun!

Three....oh my! She was full into dress up and pretend play. Hilarious. She still played by herself a lot as Mayah was just learning to play with her. And of course at her 3rd birthday I was pregnant again!!! I can remember thinking she was big at three.....

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Four.....DisneyLand...what a gift!!! It was so much fun to celebrate her birthday this way. When she was 4.5 years old we started a Kindergarten curriculum. Some people thought I was nuts and "pushing" her, but I am so glad we started. I love home schooling her and she just makes it so easy. She has a brilliant memory and enjoys learning. My kind of student! Much better than a room full of 5th graders. She continued with dance and smiles almost all of the time!!!

Five....five??!!!!???!!! It seems so little, but so big. No longer a toddler, but not a big kid. She is a big help around the house and with her sisters. She has a giving spirit. She loves to hug and break out in a dance move. She is trying new things all the time....she is determined to teach herself how to jump rope and try gymnastics and a field sport. I believe she can do anything. She continues to rock it out during school with me and is amazing at memorizing her weekly scriptures. Quite frankly, she is just gorgeous too!!!

Not sure what the Lord has in store for this next year, but I know He has much in store for this precious first born of mine.

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  1. Perhaps my favorite post. Reminds me of my first. You actually got a tear to almost come to my eye... that is a big accompishment.


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