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Chiara's Birthday Party FUN!

We celebrated the BIG 5!!! I still can't believe she is is so young, yet so big. It was a great time at Lifetime Fitness. We did not expect to be in the outside pool, but the kids had a blast! Most importantly, Chiara loved it....that is all that matters to me.

She wanted the giant cupcake.....I delivered.

The kids eating....the party "helpers" commented on how quiet it was. It was oddly quiet.

Loved it!

My Mom said she ate the cupcake from the bottom to the top. She loved it!!!!
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Two chilly buddies!!! Ethan and Chiara....too cute to pass up this picture!

Leah loved the pool. She walked around with her Daddy and her Grampy. Adorable....especially that big belly!!

Keiley just relaxing!

I love these ladies!!!!

Some serious fun in the pool!!!

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  1. What an awesome party and I love the huge cupcake ;)


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