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Good Morning!

When Chiara was a baby we used to get her from her crib on Saturday mornings and lay her in our bed for a while after she woke. It was Saturday morning family time in the big bed. This was when I was pretty anti-cosleeping so it was a treat for all of us.
Since then we have had infants in our bed often, but they move out eventually.

Almost every Saturday morning though the two big girls come into our room and not so quietly come in to our bed. They never fall back asleep and they are chatty from the moment their eyes open, but I would not want my Saturday mornings to start any other way....ok, maybe I would like them to start an hour later than they do!

I brought Miss Leah in this morning after she woke up. She has not been great at Saturday Morning Family Time, but today she was. She kept sharing her bear-bear with everyone and cuddling. Loved it!

Our bed is bigger now....good thing, because we need the room. All those people who never allow their kids into their beds (at least once a week) are missing out. Ok, that is solely my opinion, but I believe my sweet girls will remember that these morning cuddle times. I know I will.

Good Morning!

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