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The Garden-Part 2

I know it is a good weekend, when I don't have time to get on my computer to blog or do more than a quick email check. David blessed me Saturday by taking the girls on a "triple date" to the Phoenix Farmer's Market, a meat shop, and Cabela's for lunch and to watch a fish feeding. It would be great to post pictures of this, but somehow he forgot the camera in the car. I have no idea why...I mean, managing 3 kids and trying not lose one in a fish tank!

When they returned home we spent some family time out building the garden. It was so exciting-we are praying everything grows.

Here is my amazing husband waking at some roots left over from the plants we had in there.

Mayah planting the parsley. She was so excited and really just wanted to water the plants....anything to make mud!

Chiara planted the squash. She also made all the signs.

Here is our very first garden. I am excited to see it grow and feed our family. I am also looking forward to using our compost and teaching the girls about plants, seeds, water cycle, etc. Talk about hands-on home schooling!!!

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  1. The Garden looks Great Jen! I can't wait till planting season out here.


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