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No Pictures Necessary

There are some memories that you can not take pictures of and that is ok.....I will call them "heart memories". The kind of memories you store in your heart, that make you feel warm, and come to you at random times throughout life.

Last week was a very busy one and this one is just as packed. Something every day.....Tuesday is a BIG one. My baby is turning 5 and just writing that I find myself shaking my head in disbelief. But that is for another post....

One afternoon last week I dropped everything (the reason I am still doing tons of laundry!) and went outside to watch clouds with the girls. After a while and some snack the girls decided it would be fun to tag team tackle Mommy. It was hilarious....Mayah was flipping over me and Chiara was pulling me down. Of course my best defense was so good old fashioned tickle torture! They were laughing so hard.....I just loved it. The only "break" we had to breathe was when Miss Leah came over to sit on my lap....and get a little tickle too.

Yesterday afternoon and last night we all went outside to play with Chiara's new badminton set she got from her Great Grandparents. It is a little difficult for Chiara to be coordinated enough to serve and hit the "birdie", but regardless she wanted to keep trying and 'playing'. At times she asked David and I to play together so she could watch. Gosh....I have not playing in YEARS. Actually, not since my grandparents had it set up at their house in MA (the same Grandparents who bought the set for Chiara!). I was just a kid myself. David and I were laughing and having a blast! It is SOOO good to just kick back and enjoy life! I am smiling just writing about it on here. Neither one of us is "great", but I know we are both entertaining when we play! What fun! What joy! What a great thing for our kids to see!!!!

Not everything needs a heart certainly has a memory.....

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