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My Kind of Morning

Many people think it is 'crazy' to wake so early in the morning-usually between 5:15 and 5:30. It may be, but since I have a husband who leaves by 6 AM and children who wake before 7 AM most days it is necessary. I love seeing David first thing in the morning, talking with him and sitting at table while he has breakfast. It's uninterrupted time....even if for a few moments. It starts our day off connected.

For one week now I have changed my routine a bit. After I shower and get ready instead of getting on the computer to check emails and such I open up my bible and read. It varies each day how long I read, but just starting my day in the Word makes a difference. Our pastor spoke two Sundays ago about feeding the spirit before feeding the flesh. It was an awakening moment.

Last week I read Hebrews. There were so many things said in there that stirred my spirit. Last week a friend of mine was talking about prayer and mentioned Lamentations. It is not uplifting at all, but after reading Hosea I know now that even in the worst of it we can see God's grace. So, I read Lamentations these past two days. It reminds me that it is ok to go to the Lord with our sorrows and raw emotions of failure and pain.

I still use the bible David bought me when I was a freshman in college-it was the first gift he bought me. I like to have my coffee in hand- an added bonus when I have a mug he bought me or my Okinawa one from my dear friend who moved there. Just another touch of love in the morning!

Joy really does come in the morning......Psalm 30:5.
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  1. This is just how I start my mornings, and at the same time 5-5:30. I enjoy the time with my hubby and the Lord, before the girls wake up. It brings Such peace to my day. And if I don't get that time in, the whole day seems to crumble.


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