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Afternoon Tea

Late this afternoon while Leah napped I surprised the big girls with a little tea party outside. They were so was I!! I had them wait outside while I put the items on a tray and brought it out.

I surprised them with one piece of chocolate each....they usually have cheerios or gold fish (of course pretending they are some fancy treat!). After finishing the chocolate (I think it takes them .003 seconds) they dined on goldfish and the best pretend tea ever!

They informed me that if you put goldfish in the water it taste like lemonade. I chose to just believe them on that one! They told me that that Daddy says it is gross (he is so sweet to play tea too!).

We do a lot of "cheers" when we play.

Mayah is the best little hostess! She always makes sure everyone's cups are full.

Me and my Mayah-courtesy of Chiara my photographer!
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Chiara sipping her tea....after this I showed her how to drink with her pinky out!

Me and my big girl...CHEERS!


  1. I am so pleased to see that tea set creating so much joy in your lives! This was fun to read. :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect afternoon Jen ;)


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