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Let's Get Wild!

ON Friday, March 23rd (yes, I am BEHIND on my blogging!) our home school group had a field trip to the Wildlife World Zoo. Since it is only 15 minutes from my parents house we invited Nanny to join us. Everything is more fun with Nanny!

The zoo, overall, is not that impressive. Lots and lots of birds. I do enjoy the aquarium side...mostly because I have a love of penguins! The girls are not zoo snobs like me (HA!) so they enjoyed it.

Nanny and the big girls taking in a brief "show" highlighting a few animals. Of course this was snack time for Leah....our sweet bottomless pit.

Leah was not afraid to touch anything and everything! The two older ones get squeemish, but not Leah....NO FEAR!

Mayah has a way with all animals. They are drawn to her! At the Phoenix Zoo it was a turkey and here it was this penguin. She went down it went down. She went back up it followed her. Awesome.

Yes, we wore Emma Lynne right out! She is not the kind of baby to fall asleep on me (like the other 3 did with ease), so when she does this I just melt. Had to capture this one on my camera.

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