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Do you know your garage door is open???

After leaving the outdoor expo (you can read about that here) we headed over to surprise Nanny for her birthday. I had told my Dad we were going to come by, but not to tell Nanny. Her birthday was the following day so I knew she would not expect us.

When we arrived at the house their garage door was open. So, we thought we would just sneak in.....unfortunately the door into the house was locked. This put Leah into a panic-she thought we were going to close the garage door and loud sounds freak her out right now. We tried to assure her we were not going to.....while frantically knocking on the door now. No answer. More knocking. Nothing. David decided to call. How no one could here us knocking and Leah screaming is beyond me!

When my mom answered her phone David said, " Hi, do you know your garage door is open?" Pause. Confusion. "Yes, how do you know it's open???" Hilarious.

Leah was so relieved when she opened the door! Surprise! Not the way we planned, but still a great surprise. We brought ice cream cake (one of those "logs" with no actual cake!) and cards.

Nanny's favorite part....feeding Emma some ice cream. Emma loved it and it made Nanny's day! Perfect.
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