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Little Chef

Meatloaf. It's a common weekly meal in the D'Amato home. We make a paleo version-no bread crumbs, but we use almond meal. It is delicious. Everyone gobbles it up...including Emma!

I had told Chiara when I was making it that the next time it was on the menu she could make it. She remembered. I had forgotten. Kids are great like that. Ask them to clean up and they forget, but something they want to do....different story.

Anyway, I had already used the food processor to dice up the onion and garlic when she asked to take over. Perfect. She followed the recipe, measured everything out, mixed, made, and even put it in the oven. There was so much learning going on! I gave her little pointers and tips through our conversation; just things that you pick up along the way. Apparently she thinks I should teach a cooking class! LOL! I can't remember what the tip I gave that solicited her to say that, but she warmed my heart!

She was so proud of herself and we all made sure to let her know how delicious it was. I know she was excited to add another dish to her growing list of things she makes in the kitchen!

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