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Easter Memories

There is this picture that sits in our front room. A picture that has been around for a while now. Easter of 1998 was the first Easter David and I spent together. He drove out from Michigan to officially meet both my parents and see me. It had been since Valentines Day and we both were aching to be together...yes, aching. I was in Vermont and he was 700 miles away in Michigan. Talking was great, but kissing was better! When I look at this picture I can't believe how much time has gone by. Fourteen years. We laugh at the idea that I have been with David almost half my life. We were young, in love, and even then we knew we would spend forever together.

The funniest memory of that first Easter together was David got to my house while I was out shopping with my mom.....but my Dad was home. I had no idea how that would go.....well, fourteen years later it is very apparent I married a man very similar to my Dad and my Dad loves David like his own son. In fact, both my parents do. I jokingly say that they love him more than they love me....sometimes I'm not joking.

Not sure what is in the air lately, but David and I have been reminiscing about "the beginning" for a while now. Maybe we need the mental escape from the crazy lives we live now. Maybe we just need a reminder of how long and how deep our love is for one another. Maybe we just want to feel as young as we were in that picture! Whatever the reason I love thinking about the years that have past and those two love birds who people said would not last because of very long distance. They were wrong. We did. We are. We will.

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