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What do you do when Mom says no Wii?

Leah is 3. That is a loaded sentence. Three has been associated with demanding, tyrant, terrible 2's on steroids, etc. Leah is 3. Most days I believe she is trying out to be the poster child for 3. Three. It's lovely, really.

In the mornings lately Leah has been asking, in a very demanding tone, to play Wii. Of course my response is always a firm no. After a morning show, breakfast, and devotion time with the girls they are to get dressed, do their morning chores and we start school. No tv. No Wii. Wii is really only every allowed after dinner for family time and on the weekends. She knows this, but of course she is more than willing to press the issue.

One afternoon I again told her no Wii when she asked. Then I told her she could do bowling without the Wii. Huh? Ahhhh, I've got her! She watched as I set up cups and got the ball.....let the fun begin!

Of course her sisters thought this was way cool too and had to join in!!!
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