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Getting ready for Easter

I love family traditions. Ok, maybe I should be more specific. I love our family traditions, the ones that David and I have started with our girls. Yes, some are a combination of his and mine and many are ones that are new for both of us. Our main purpose in our activities throughout Easter (and Christmas for that matter) is to instil in our girls that the reason we are celebrating is because we believe in Jesus. That he was born, lived, died, and so importantly rose again! There is no bunny that brings baskets and hides eggs, but there are full baskets and hidden eggs. We color eggs the day before and make Empty Tomb Cookies-which quite frankly do not taste that great, but the purpose and excitement caused by them makes it all worth it. We do not have anything against the cute bunny, but for David and I we know we want to focus on Christ and can still enjoy the "fun" parts of Easter. Honestly, my kids could care less who hides the eggs, as long as they can find them and they are filled with yummy treats (organic bunny cookies!).

Here are some pictures of the girls coloring eggs. We use oil pastels to draw and all natural dyes made from turmeric, beets, and grape juice.

Here is Chiara reading scripture as we make the Empty Tomb Cookies. Each ingredient and process has a scripture reference.

Chiara, Mayah, Emma, and me making the cookies.

Chiara placing them in the oven overnight (the tomb).
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Everyone seals the tomb before we go to bed.

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