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Chiara Turns 7 (Part 2)

If you missed part one, you can read it here.

It happened to be "kids get in free" day at the county fair on Chiara's birthday so all 6 of us went out to see the animals, hear the music, and have some family time before 6 little girls came over for pizza, popcorn, and movies.

Chiara's Great Grandma Koebler sent her $5 to spend as she wished. So, I told Chiara to take it to the fair. We treated all three girls to one ride each ($3/ride is RIDICULOUS!) and then Chiara decided she wanted to do the 'bungy' jumping with her money. She did this about 2 years ago and was a bit scared, though she would not admit it her tight grip and face showed it for sure! I was excited to see that she wanted to give it another try.

Here she is all strapped in and ready. She had some difficulty jumping, but the guy helped her get up there. And UP there she went!

No fear, just enjoying the experience.

David asked her to find the truck in the parking lot! I love ALL that hair!!!!!!

Birthday party has begun. Since we were not making a cake and Chiara wanted her friends to sing to her I told her we could put one in her pizza. She loved it.

Here are all the girls in PJ's watching Dolpin Tale.

My personal favorite part of the party....the girls all taking turns doing each others hair. So girly. Such memories of my childhood!

Chiara and Sarah

Chiara and Lorelei

Chiara and Amee (Amelia)

Chiara and Savannah

Chiara and Heide

Chiara and Mikelle

All the girls

Of course we had to have one silly shot.

It was a great birthday and birthday party. A week later Chiara gets to have her own sleepover at my parent's house and then her family birthday party when they bring her home. Love this kid. Love celebrating her. Just wish it was not going by so fast.
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