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Going back to bed after getting up

I am a morning person. I love waking early and enjoying the quiet of God's creation before my girls wake up. I also love seeing my gorgeous husband before he leaves for work. And for some reason coffee tastes better in silence. Of course this part of me has been adjusted because we are in baby season. I am slowly getting back there when Emma sleeps all night (or at least until 4:30AM because I am ok getting up then).

On those days when I am up early my sweet Leah is usually not happy with me. Over the past few months she has come to LOVE crawling into our bed and laying (not sleeping) there with me. So, when she wakes and I am already downstairs she lets me know I am supposed to be in bed so she can come lay with me.

Most times she will let me know of her displeasure but move on...other mornings.....I am headed back upstairs (yes, fully dressed) and we crawl back into bed together. It may only be for 5 minutes, but it fills her cup in the morning and why not start her day off with joy.

So, if anyone ever wonders why I do not make my bed until later in the morning.....this is why.

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