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Easter Day

Easter Morning! The girls were all in bed with us cuddling and spending time together. JOY. There is no better way to start the day! We went to church the night before so we start our day with hugs, kisses, and the first of two egg hunts!

Emma had two eggs to find. CUTE.

Mayah running to find more!

And there off! The second egg hunt is outside and starts when Nanny, Grampy, and their Great Grandparents arrive. This way they can experience the fun too.

Nanny and Emma

This year, due to my forgetfulness, the girls had a word puzzle to solve from inside the eggs they found. We had bought them new hula hoops, but I forgot to put them out with their baskets. So, we made a game of it. They liked that...and they liked the hula hoops!

Great Nana and Great Grampy Day looking on at the fun

I guess all the excitement and the SIXTY bunny cookies that Leah ate just wore her out. I could not pass up the opportunity to take this picture.

Later that night we took the girls on a LONG walk around the perimeter of the development and wore them all out! It was a fantastic day!!!!!!!!!

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